s2 e5: temptation.island.2019.s02e05.web.x264-xlf

Temptation Island 2019 S02E05: The show opens at Tambor Tropical in the morning with Edmundo and Hilary. In an interview, both of them admit that they have made a good connection with each other. Hilary acknowledges that Edmundo is everything that she would want in a man. Later that morning the coupled guys at Tambor Tropical are informed that they can view their video messages. John is elated. He makes a solemn walk through the driftwood gates and down the shoreline. John knows that being able to see Shannon’s video message is the most intimate contact they have had in a week. John watches Shannon’s message, which says that their relationship is built on trust. She tells him that they have a strong core and to remember that they trust one another. This overt use of the word trust displays her insecurity about John making connections with the singles. Shannon walks to the lookout over Tango Mar. John’s video message explains why he did not watch the bonfire tape showing the single’s telling the couples who they were

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