s5 e13: Road Wars S05E13

The One With the Volv…oh…: Simon and JK are in Amersham to assist with a raid on a suspected drug dealer. They’re going in mob handed – with two other Tango Victor teams and the drug squad. The suspect is, not surprisingly, displeased at their arrival, but is hastily arrested while his flat is raided. Cue the usual, in depth searches, which turn up some digital scales and some cocaine. In Reading with Rosie and Daz, coming to the end of their shift, are called in to assist with a driver who is both banned and not supposed to be in Reading. He’s fled on foot and is now lurking somewhere in alleyways. He’s found, but manages to get away while they’re trying to get the cuffs on and disappears into the night. Daz thinks he’s found the guy, so they head back into the back yards and, one horrifying outside toilet later, discover him hiding behind a shed which he climbs over to get away. In her eagerness to stop him, Rosie throws her torch at him! Fortunately, Jet the dog tracks him down to a different outside toilet. Charlie and Ruffy are near Maidenhead behind a bloke yakking on his mobile phone who was so busy with his conversation that he didn’t notice he’d barged past them. One ‘Follow me’ sign later, he is pulled to the side of the road and offers the excuse that his ‘handheld’ equipment broke yesterday. Ruffy offers him the choice of fixed penalty or a Magistrate. He chooses the former. Had it been a few months later, it would’ve been £60 and points. Bah. Lloydy and Jim are in Slough on patrol and find themselves behind a car which dings their ANPR over PNC markers. Intriguingly, the driver is able to hand over his passport as identification. Since he’s a known user, he is searched – but clean, so Lloydy goes through the car and find a wrap lurking down the back of the passenger seat, much to her distress when she’s arrested for possession of it. Not being able to prove one way or the other, they nick the driver too – and find a second wrap. The girl was Charlie and Ruffy are in Slough and find themselves behind a truly krumped out Volvo with its hazard lights going – and its alarm, too! They stop it, and finally shut the damn thing up, but discover that the front wing is mangled beyond repair. Apparently the driver purchased it in that state and was being towed to a garage so it could be worked on – but the towline broke so he decided to try and drive home instead. A request for the tax and insurance results in a spot of confusion as the driver keeps on going on about being towed rather than answering the question. Eventually, he admits no insurance or tax. Or full license, for that matter – and as for the MOT…

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