s1 e2: Ripleys Believe It Or Not 2019 S01E02

Episode 102: Cut-Away Bungee Ron Jones can jump from a platform 225 feet in the air, attached to a cut-away bungee cord that allows him to release from the bungee as he reaches the ground. He then walks away unharmed. Lizard Man Erik Sprague doesn’t just like lizards. he’s actually turning into one. He is altering his body to become as reptilian as possible through a series of tattoos, implants and permanent cosmetic changes. Bionic Man Tony Volpentest was born without hands and feet and with only partially formed legs. Today, with the help of mechanical legs, he is a world-class runner. Pool Playing Dogs Larry Grindiger has taught his two dogs how to play pool. These amazing mutts can even call shot by barking out the ball numbers. Flame Throwing Car South Africans fearful of car-jacking can now legally install a device which throws flames onto any threatening characters! Human Jack-O-Lantern When Scott Sabala lost an eye to cancer, he was left with a large, circular hole in his face.

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