s1 e1: Ripleys Believe It Or Not 2019 S01E01

Episode 101: Half Woman Rosemarie Siggins has amazed the medical world her whole life. First, doctors were amazed at her basic good health despite a severe birth defect that left her without a lower torso and legs. Two years ago, Rosemarie met David Siggins in an auto parts store he managed, and they fell in love. Now, Rosemarie has amazed everyone, especially her doctors, by giving birth to a healthy baby boy. The Suspension Club Inspired by the ancient Hindu ceremony Thai Pusam, in which devotees insert large steel rods into their skin, members of the Texas-based Suspension Club insert multiple hooks into their skin. The hooks are then attached to ropes, cables, pulleys and anything else available. In some cases, members are then hoisted into the air, attached by the hooks they have pierced through their skin. Etch-A-Sketch He’s a sports fan with VIP access to any dugout or locker room in pro ball. His unique talent has opened the door to meeting superstars like Michael Jordan. So what d

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